Video: How Can Technology Help You Become an Empowered Patient?


Voiceover: This program is made possible with the support and collaboration of Pfizer Oncology.


Hi! I’m Kara Rayburn. I’m the Director of Digital Communications and Engagement at the Patient Empowerment Network, also known as “PEN.” I’m glad you’re here!

Before you get started with the Digitally Empowered program, I wanted you to know more about PEN.

Our mission is pretty simple. It’s to empower cancer patients and care partners with the knowledge and tools to boost their confidence, put them in control of their healthcare journey, and assist them in receiving the best, most personalized care available.

But, did you know that only 12 percent of US adults are able to obtain and understand the basic health information and services needed to make decisions[1]?

One of the biggest hurdles to learning about health and healthcare decisions is the ability to access and use technology. And we get it! Technology is not always easy to understand, and it advances quickly.

That’s where our Digitally Empowered program comes in! We wanted to help you become tech savvy, so that you can access tools and resources that could be helpful in your overall care.

I’d like to introduce our digital tutors that will take you through the virtual program: Carmen and Quincy.


Thanks, Kara. Hi, I’m Carmen, and I’ll be your guide as we navigate through this video series together. By participating in this program, you’ll become more comfortable with technology, empowering you to be more in control of your healthcare journey. Now, here’s Quincy.


Hi everyone! I’ll be walking you through the technical processes, step-by-step. Each short video lesson in this course is intended to teach you a digital skill that may help support and improve your health literacy.

Together, Carmen and I will show you how to:

  • Access healthcare resources and credible information;
  • Form an online support community;
  • Connect with other patients, advocates, and experts on social media;
  • And put your electronic devices to work for you and your health.

For each video lesson, you can download the resource guide to view or print. The guides emphasize key points from the videos and provide additional details and tools.


And, after every video, you’ll be prompted to take a short, interactive quiz, to make sure that you feel confident in the knowledge you learned along the way.

Once you’ve completed all of the videos, you will receive a certificate of completion to celebrate your success.

So, now that you know WHAT the Digitally Empowered program is, let’s learn how to make technology work for YOU.

Next up, How to Navigate Online Resources!

[1] Kutner, M., Greenberg, E., Jin, Y., and Paulsen, C. (2006). The Health Literacy of America’s Adults: Results From the 2003 National Assessment of Adult Literacy (NCES 2006–483). U.S. Department of Education. Washington, DC: National Center for Education Statistics.